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We work with children from the age of 6 and we make it fun! We look at the individual biomechanics (the way they move) and the sport that they are involved in. This special movement programme for children takes into account their growth, their co-ordination and ability. The sessions are suitable for ages 6-14 years old and of all abilities. From very sporty kids to those who are not confident in activity and sport.

The first session will consist of a biomechanical analysis where we will look at your child’s walking and or running techniques using video analysis and assess their movement using our Dynamic Movement Skills®  kids’ analysis. This will allow us to identify any inefficiencies that could cause injury or prevent your child from moving efficiently and/or running faster.

The remaining sessions are dedicated to learning the correct technique by using our accelerated learning methods.  At the end of the programme, we will re-test to show improvements and you, the parent, will receive a before & after video of running technique improvements.

This programme is offered in blocks of 6 or 12 sessions.  Sessions are 55 mintues long and can be taken once or twice a week to allow time to practice in between OR can be condensed into an intensive programme during school holidays.

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